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4 Responses

  1. Ross says:

    Thanks Zach!! Awesome post!!

  2. Wayne & Sandra says:

    Beautiful analogy of the sand representing wrongs. I agree that because we are saved. by Jesus sacrificing his life for our sins…it doesn’t mean we are free to be willingly be sinful over and over. I don’t believe that was why God sent him to us. Jesus was our teacher and saviour,..not a free ticket to be sinful. Very nice article Zach. We love what you are doing, as a Christian.

  1. August 25, 2014

    […] This is another one of my kids favorites. The song is “Let Me Drown” by We As Human. The song is off of their self-titled album. I really love the lyrics for this song. At times we¬†think we’re invincible. At times we think that we can do it all without Him and that’s how we roll. This song gives¬†a great interpretation of our lives and our eternal need for Christ and how he is the only one who can wash us clean. If you want to read another analogy along those lines, check out Boogie Boards for Life. […]

  2. September 29, 2014

    […] song is “Shadow Over Me” by Spoken. This song is a great reminder to set your eyes on Grace. Yes, that’s Grace with a capital “G” on purpose. We¬†must learn to look past the […]

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