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Music Monday: Covers for Days

Who doesn’t a good cover song?! I absolutely love a well-done cover song. In some instances I actually prefer the cover to the original.

Music Monday: Scandroid

This week for Music Monday I’m going electronic with Scandroid. I realize I may have just lost most everyone with that opening sentence. I urge you to take a moment, step outside your comfort zone, and give it a shot.

Coach’s Corner 00: Beginning

One of the things my wife and I have always told our kids is, “you have to do at least one thing, because doing nothing is not an option.” I think most parents would echo that same statement.

Music Monday: Talk to Much

Song three in the “Monthly Music Week” series is “Talk to Much” by COIN. This song actually took me by surprise. I did not expect to like it as much as I do.

A Book a Month: 2017

I have set out with a personal goal of reading a book a month for the year of 2017. This is an exercise in discipline and personal development.

Music Monday: Chainsaw

Family Force 5 is and has been for a long time one of my favorite bands. Most of their songs are just plain ol’ fun and are not supposed to be taken too serious. “Chainsaw” is definitely no exception. Have fun and enjoy the fun. Family Force 5 (feat. Tedashii) Chainsaw Lyrics Yeah, they like the way I do this When I crank it like a chainsaw Yeah, they like the way I do this When I crank it like a chainsaw Full throttle heavy metal Set the bar next level Wasteland gettin’ all janky Soul Glow, chainsaw Lay in...

Music Monday: Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

This is one of my family’s favorite songs. It is “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Mike Mains & The Branches. It’s a blast to listen to and you can’t help but smile and sing along. This is an appropriate song for someone having a bad day. It’s also a great song for someone rebounding from a bad day. Mike Mains & The Branches Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Lyrics Everything Everything is gonna be alright Be alright Everything Everything is gonna be alright Be alright Hush now, baby Don’t you cry Imma sing you to sleep tonight I know it’s strange and hard...

Braselton Beach Bash 2014

Pictures from the Braselton Beach Bash 2014. It was a cloudy day which made it feel great. We had a blast!! Continue reading to check out pictures of all the fun!!!! *all pictures taken with my BlackBerry Z10

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