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Music Monday: Cutthroat

Today is song two in the “Monthly Music Week” series. The song is “Cutthroat” by S U R V I V E and is devoid of lyrics. It is 100% instrumental and it is amazing.

10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids

Parenthood is amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. There are plenty of things I did not know before having my kids, such as how to change a diaper, one-handed, in the dark, while navigating around toys strewn across the floor like feet landmines. One thing I certainly did not know is how often Alyson and I say things to our kids that we honestly never thought we would say to another human-being. Below are just 10 things that we have said to our kids that we never thought we’d say: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Do not lick...

Music Monday: Journey of a Spruce Tree

I absolutely love songs that tell a story. “Journey of a Spruce Tree” by Orion Walsh is one of my personal favorites and it is off the album First By Water, Then By Fire. It has love, action, drama, sadness. It is a great story of atypical friendship. If you enjoy the song, you can pick up a free copy on his Bandcamp page. Orion Walsh Journey of a Spruce Tree Lyrics I opted to leave off the lyrics on this song because you should really stop what you are doing and just listen closely to the words to truly...

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