Album Release: RED – of Beauty and Rage

RED releases "of Beauty and Rage" to the masses and it does not disappoint.

Music Monday: Come As You Are

Everytime I listen to this song something swells inside my soul and I can't help but…

Bent, Broken, Uprooted

I have been bent, broken, and uprooted. Have you?

Top 10: Favorite Foods

This post could make you spontaneously salivate. You have been warned.

Music Monday: Beaten In Lips

Today's song is incredibly moving song. The lyrics and music are powerful.

Top 10: Places I Want to Visit

This week's Top 10 Tuesday is the Top 10 Places I would like to visit.

Music Monday: Broken

All in all, when I first heard this song, I was all but broken. It was…

I Suffer from “Inet ID:10t Disease”

Congratulations, you already are infected! Yep that's right, from birth to death you have the disease.

New Content Update: Top 10 Tuesday

In the same vein of Music Monday, today I am launching... Top 10 Tuesday!

Music Monday: In Search Of

"In Search Of" is a great depiction of a Holy Father who loves his children even…