Holy Lead Climber Batman!

The festival was full of fun, excitement, games, and ... the rock wall. Little did I…

Faithfully Agile

What does it mean to be Faithfully Agile?

The Daily Devotion to Lawn Birds

What life lesson can we learn from observing lawn birds and freshly cut grass?

Music Monday: Skillet

Skillet is one of those bands that I have just stuck with through the years and…

Music Monday: My Demons

While it's not necessarily a spirtiual song, the words could be applied to a relationship with…

Music Monday: Outlaws

We are all created in His image despite what others may say about you.

Music Monday: Sing

The instrumental side of this song is magical. Layer incredible lyrics on top and you have…

Music Monday: How Great Thou Art

What happens when a classic hymn meets heavy metal?

Music Monday: You Can’t Stop Me

Andy Mineo is a man who stands, unashamed, by his convictions and is not afraid to…

Music Monday: All of My Days

The song is simply beautiful and needs little explanation of why it should be featured.